Seaworthiness (Cox and Master 5)


This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to monitor the condition an seaworthiness of a small commercial vessel up to 24 metres, including awareness of the fundamental principles of vessel construction, load‑lines conditions of assignment, structural elements to restrain fires, design characteristics that contribute to watertight integrity, and regulatory requirements for seaworthiness


Elements describe the essential outcomes of a unit of competency.

Performance Criteria describe the required performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element. Assessment of performance is to be consistent with the Evidence Guide.

Monitor the condition of a small vessel up to 24 m

Work to monitor condition and seaworthiness of the vessel is planned and carried out in accordance with procedures and safety regulations

Where required, vessel is slipped as per standard operating procedures

Coverage and frequency of checks and inspections on the vessel complies with the procedures

Checks of the integrity of the vessel’s hull are correctly carried out

Action taken in anticipation of environmental changes is timely and appropriate to the change

Action taken in emergency situations is appropriate to the significance of the situation and ensures maintenance of watertight integrity

Precautions are taken to ensure that vessel and on‑board powered equipment is operated in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and regulations

Identify and explain the structural components and material of a small vessel
Basic structural components are correctly identified

Reasons for deteriorated hull and fittings are identified and explained

Basic understanding of the properties and application of common materials used in small vessel construction is demonstrated and applied when operating a small vessel.

Rectify identified problems with the condition of the vessel
Any deterioration of the vessel’s hull or structure is identified either in the water or on a slipway and reported to relevant personnel and appropriate action is initiated to fix the identified problem

Repairs and corrosion control are initiated and coordinated in accordance with procedures and manufacturer’s instructions

Communication with others concerning the condition and seaworthiness of the vessel and related action is clear, concise and made at a suitable time and place

Records of problems identified and actions taken are complete, accurate and comply with requirements.